The Slow Journey of Friendship

Friday night, Catherine and I invited a few neighbors to get together to share food and a few songs. This is something Catherine and I have done once before. We keep it simple by baking a few frozen pizzas and then handing out our folk-music songbooks so everyone can sing along. In the midst of all of it there is space for people to share what is going on in life and also space to tell stories from older chapters of our lives. That night I realized…

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Podcast: Season 1 Finale! Featuring Ashley and Catherine!!

Friends! Season 1 is wrapping up and we pulled out all the stops! We invited the other co-founders of the Neighboring Movement, Ashley Barlow-Thompson and Catherine Johnson to join us on the front porch for their reflections on season 1. It was a riotous time with surprising compliments and plenty of burns! Grab a chair and join us for this conversation!

P.S. Stay tuned for season 2.


A Vampire and an Elder

A Vampire and an Elder

My dog and I stepped outside for our regular evening walk. The air was cool in the shade, but warm in the sun. As we walked down the drive way, a group of the neighborhood’s kids bicycled by. They waved to me and I waved back at them.

One of the girls stopped and circled back around on her bicycle, carrying a bottle with red liquid and a toy sword. She stopped in front of me and said, “I’m a vampire! Can I pet your dog?”

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Podcast: Neighboring Tip - Reflection

Kristopher Swanson returns with our final neighboring tip of season 1. This time, we are reflecting on our experiences of neighboring. Plus, we discuss the exciting news that Kristopher is no longer Intern #5, but instead is now VISTA #1! Grab a chair and join us on the front porch for another fun conversation!

Podcast: Teresa Cook on Generations of Neighboring

What does neighboring look like when it happens over multiple generations? Teresa shows us that it can be beautiful and joyful! Teresa lives in the home where her grandmother once lived, and that history serves as her roots, nurturing her genuine care for her neighbors. Grab a chair and meet us on the front porch, as we learn from one of our gifted Neighborhood Animators.

Podcast: Ryan Klinck on Being the New Neighbor

You’ll recognize Ryan’s name from his posts on our blog and his work in our neighborhood. His conversation on the front porch revealed how he has been on a search to cultivate meaningful relationships with neighbors and friends in many different contexts over the years. He sat down with Adam and Matthew to discuss what he has learned from neighbors (and the rug that ties the room together).