Podcast: Neighboring Tip - Reflection

Kristopher Swanson returns with our final neighboring tip of season 1. This time, we are reflecting on our experiences of neighboring. Plus, we discuss the exciting news that Kristopher is no longer Intern #5, but instead is now VISTA #1! Grab a chair and join us on the front porch for another fun conversation!

Podcast: Ryan Klinck on Being the New Neighbor

You’ll recognize Ryan’s name from his posts on our blog and his work in our neighborhood. His conversation on the front porch revealed how he has been on a search to cultivate meaningful relationships with neighbors and friends in many different contexts over the years. He sat down with Adam and Matthew to discuss what he has learned from neighbors (and the rug that ties the room together).

Episode 8: The Power of Relationships

For the 8th episode of our podcast, The Neighbor Next Door, Adam and I discussed the importance of relationship building. When it comes to neighboring, there can be lots of motivations…some positive, some negative. If we focus on building relationships it helps us move in a positive direction. AND it reveals abundance and joy!

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Finding Abundance (Episode 6 of the podcast)

Our newest episode is hot off the presses, and I’m excited to share it. Adam and I spent a few minutes talking about one of the key ingredients of neighboring: abundance. How do we find abundance, when scarcity is such a dominant message? Listen to find out.

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Episode 5: Judy Bennett "The Power of Being Present"

Episode 5: Judy Bennett "The Power of Being Present"

In episode 5 we talk with Judy Bennett, a Neighborhood Animator in the Hilltop Neighborhood. She got tired of staying inside watching TV and decided to take action by reaching out to her neighbors and neighborhood. The results have been life-changing.

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Episode 3: Rhonda Stevens Kickstarts Neighboring!

Episode 3: Rhonda Stevens Kickstarts Neighboring!

I can’t wait for you to hear this episode of our podcast! For episode 3 we sat down with Rhonda Stevens, who is one of our Neighborhood Animators. We talked about the ways that she has connected with neighbors and some of the obstacles to neighboring. The interview was both fun and powerful.

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Introducing our PODCAST!

Hello Neighbors!

We are proud to introduce our new podcast, “The Neighbor Next Door.” This is a podcast where we interview awesome neighbors to learn from them and be inspired by them. We also share neighboring tips along with the stories behind those tips. And sometimes we play folk music!

You can subscribe to our podcast (which will be coming out weekly for the first season) through iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. There are other podcasts called “The Neighbor Next Door” so be sure to look for our faces as pictured below.

And be sure to spread the word!