The garden boxes are a simple, affordable, accessible way to grow and share vegetables! The first 3 boxes were built in the spring of 2015 and shared between 3 houses on Waco Ave. Improving upon those first boxes, the 2nd generation of boxes are being built by neighbors in SoCe. 

Garden Box
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The goal of the garden box revolution is three-fold:

  • Grow healthy, organic food in your front yard for yourself. 
  • Share the food with neighbors and friends as they pass by. 
  • Network with other gardeners to share knowledge, tips and ideas. 

The boxes are small so you don't have to be a full-time gardener to participate. The boxes are also 2 feet tall, making it easier to reach the veggies for harvesting. And because they are containers there are fewer issues with weeds. If you live in the SoCe Neighborhood and you would like to have a garden box, contact Catherine Johnson at: or by phone at 316-619-4940

Give One--Get One 

If you don't live in the SoCe Neighborhood, you can still have a garden box. To help people participate we have created the Give One--Get One Program. You can purchase a garden box for $120. Your purchase includes a raised gardening box that is 3 feet square x 2 feet tall, material to line the box, 1 bag of organic potting soil/box, and delivery of the box to your household, if you live within 20 miles (if you are further away, let us know and we'll see what we can do). 

AND your purchase also provides a garden box to one of our neighbors in SoCe! From your purchase, $60 is considered a charitable donation.