This page is for participants in the Texas Cohort of the Good Neighbor Experiment. All the resources you need are below. Can't find what you are looking for? Email and we will be ready to help.

Lab 2: Basic Neighboring Skills

Download the participant guides below. Each week of Lab 2, before your gathering, you will be asked to read the guides below and do the neighboring practice they contain.

Other Resources for Lab 2

Lab 1

Download the participant guides by clicking on the week below:

Week 1 Resources

Select the button below to take the Neighboring Soup Taste Test.

Click here to download the Ingredient List. It will help you interpret your Taste Test. 

Week 4 Resources

The video will start midway. He is describing a study on the difference between peoples habits when it comes to "opt in" vs. "opt out" boxes when signing people up to be organ donors. Watch till 8:29 to understand the take home guide for this week.  

For Leaders

Click here to download the Leaders Guide

To log in to your Check In Call select the link below. You may be asked to download a small extension for your browser.

If you are using a smart phone you will need to download the Zoom app. Then select "Join a Meeting" and enter the ID # 512-618-8189.

If you cannot connect please call us at 316-619-4940 or email us at or