What if loving our actual neighbor could change the world? The Good Neighbor Experiment moves us from scarcity to abundance, from program to relationship, from needs to assets, and from fear to love. Be prepared to be transformed!

Who is it for?

The Good Neighbor Experiment is for churches and faith communities desiring to increase neighborliness. If your church feels burdened by decline and lack of           direction you may be a great fit for this program!

The curriculum is perfect for small groups, Sunday School classes, or leadership teams. 

What is included

Cohort Model: We offer GNE as a year long cohort.  Churches in the same area can come together for 3 workshops, 24 weeks of practicing with a group, and 12 months of coaching.  Plus an online discussion group for the each cohort. We are currently recruiting churches for a cohort centered around Topeka, KS.

Curriculum: You can purchase the curriculum today by heading to our store. Each Lab has 6 weeks of participant readings and a Leaders Guide. 

What does it do?

In Lab 1 participants learn about the three ingredients of neighboring; abundance, relationship, and joy. These ingredients are key for understanding good neighboring. Lab 2 focuses on the basic neighboring skills by putting these ingredients into practice with the 8 front doors closest to your own front door. Lab 3 shifts the conversation to neighboring within the context of church. It culminates with a church block party that highlights the assets of the community. Finally, Lab 4 provides examples of best principles discovered from communities around the country and helps the church consider how neighboring can be a long term sustainable part of their culture. 

Find out more!

To learn more about the Good Neighbor Experiment or to start a cohort in your town contact us today!