Over the summer we met Armando through our friend Ninfa, who owns Brianna’s Bakery which we talk about in many other post! (Read about Ninfa) We love going to get delicious baked goods from Ninfa, and we love that she is connected to so many great people in the neighborhood. Armando has lived in the neighborhood for four years and graduated from an area high school in 2018.

Ninfa knew that Armando was a kind soul with time to give back to the community, and we had some projects that we needed help on. Armando grew up in a Spanish speaking household and is a natural when it comes to connecting with people in both English and Spanish. We’ve really loved getting to know him and sharing his gifts with the community.

Here are some of Armando’s own words about some of the ways he has been helping out:

October Friday the 25th there was an event called Trunk or Treat at Harry Street Elementary Basically a Trunk or Treat is where teachers decorate their car trunks and hand out treats for kids that go to the school. There were costumes of all kinds, from the scariest to most gentle. Even funny ones! For example, there were “IT” clowns to Harry potter).

Today, Nov. 1, 2019, I went to Harry Street Elementary to look for a job opening. The principal said there was nothing available at the moment but to keep checking online.

Then the principal told me I could volunteer for this group called helping hands if I wanted. It’s a group that helps teachers be organized or, at least, be caught up and not behind.

It was very beneficial for me because it will keep me busy at least once a week. It will let me manage my time easier and be more punctual. Hopefully, I will soon be able to find a job there at the school because I love to work with kids and being able to part of making teachers’ life more simple.

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