This week, we’re switching things up a little bit! In this episode, John McKnight tells a story about his childhood neighboring, and then hosts Adam and Matt respond to the story.

If you’ve heard John tell a story, then you’ll know you’re in for a treat! John McKnight is one of the co-founders of asset-based community development and a hero of ours. At the end of March, we interviewed John for the podcast and turned the fantastic interview he gave us into three episodes; you will definitively want to tune in to John McKnight (Part One, Two, and Three) if you have not already! We have also had the extreme honor to take part in coaching calls with John over the last several months. He is an incredible teacher and storyteller, as all of his podcast episodes attest, and these coaching calls have been so incredible! The story you are about to hear is one that John told Adam and Matt on one of their calls, but we think it’s so fitting for life in the midst of this pandemic that we’ve decided to give it it’s own episode. Enjoy!

P.S. You will definitely want to check out some of John’s astounding work! Here are some resources to get you started…

  • His website – Here you can learn more about John and access his learnings, publications, videos, and blogs.

  • His institute

  • His blog

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