2021 Board Retreat

Thank you to the members of our board of directors!

An update from our 2021 Board Retreat

Neighboring Movement Board of Directors
Image from the 2021 Board Retreat for the Neighboring Movement

The Neighboring Movement Board of Directors met in-person for the first time since before the Covid 19 pandemic. For many of our board members, it was the first time that they had met outside of a Zoom call! We are so lucky to have an amazing board with a diverse set of skills and experience. They add a ton of value to our community and we so grateful for their contribution.

At the meeting, we passed our 2022 budget and the board affirmed hiring a full-time Communications Director. We also acknowledged our outgoing members (more on that in a future post) and welcomed in our new co-chairs Blanca Soto and Jamie Junker, and our new Treasurer Ashley Beck!

We heard a report from the Naquela Pack who is leading our Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Team. This team is helping us shape our culture with inclusion in mind, practice equity in our hiring practices, form our voice for advocacy, and create intentional partnerships with a wider network of people.

After the business of the day was covered we focused on building relationships within the board using one of our favorite facilitation activities called Head, Hands, Heart. In pairs, board members answered the following questions.

Head: What is something you know so well you could teach?
Heart: What is something you are so passionate about you have taken action on?
Hands: What is something you create with your hands?

After learning about their partner we spent time bragging about the person we just learned about. We filled a whiteboard with the gifts from people in the room! It is always amazing to me how talented people are! This is one of the many faciltiation tips we have learned from the Asset Based Community Development community. You can see lots of resources like this at abcdinstitute.org.

Finally, we spent the last hour looking ahead as an organization and the role of the board in our work. With lots of growth over the last 2 years, we are entering into a time where we need to update our long-range vision and dreams. There are opportunities available to us now that we didn’t think possible at one time and we want to approach them with intention while keeping in mind our guiding principles: relationship, abundance, and joy.

Be on the lookout for our end-of-the-year fundraising information which will include more details about where we’ve been and where we are headed!

There is lots more neighboring to come!

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