52 Weeks of Neighboring – Week 30

Neighboring Tip of the Week - Welcome a new neighbor who recently moved in.

52 Weeks of Neighboring

Neighboring Tip of the Week – Welcome a new neighbor who recently moved in.

Hello friend! A most happy Sunday to you!

This week, we’ve been thinking about how beautiful it is to be welcomed into a neighborhood.

Recently, a person within our network shared with us an incredible story about how they were welcomed into their neighborhood. In short, they had just moved into the neighborhood, and they decided to make both cookies and little notes with their contact information and bring these around to each of their new neighbors. They did so, and they got to meet so many amazing neighbors and have so many cool interactions! But the story gets even better…about an hour after they returned home from meeting their neighbors, they heard a knock at their door. Upon opening the door, they found one of the neighbors they had just met, holding a plant, and the neighbor had brought another neighbor along with them! The neighbor wanted to reciprocate for the cookies, and they also wanted to connect the newcomer with yet another neighbor. And, together, the neighbors welcomed the newcomer into the neighborhood! Isn’t that just beautiful?

We were so inspired by this story, so this week, we are encouraging everyone to embody a welcoming presence on their block. This week, we invite you to think about if there are any new neighbors who have recently moved onto your block or into your neighborhood. If there are not, no worries, just tuck this tip in the back of your mind for the future. If there are, we encourage you to formally welcome them to the neighborhood in some way!

Maybe you make them cookies, maybe you bring them a plant, or maybe you just knock on their door…regardless, we invite you to head on over to your new neighbor’s, introduce yourself, and welcome them to the neighborhood. We would encourage you to, if you’re comfortable, share your contact information with them, as well. This is a first great step along the road of trust, and it is also so very helpful in terms of future connections. Like pretty much all of our tips, please feel permission to keep all of this simple…we feel the real importance is that your neighbor simply feels welcomed!

As one final reminder, because we still live in midst of the coronavirus pandemic – and, at least in Kansas, it continues to run wild – please be very mindful of safety as you experiment with this tip. We ask that you welcome your neighbor while practicing physical distancing while also practicing any additional precautions that your local health experts also recommend.

Have so much fun with this, and if you experiment with this tip, please let us know!

Happy neighboring!

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