52 Weeks of Neighboring – Week 38

Neighboring Tip of the Week - In the midst of conversations with your neighbors over the next couple days, remind them that Tuesday is Election Day!

52 Weeks of Neighboring

Neighboring Tip of the Week – In the midst of conversations with your neighbors over the next couple days, remind them that Tuesday is Election Day!

Happy Halloween, friends!

As we talked about Halloween in a neighboring tip a couple weeks ago (which, if you haven’t already, you can check out here), for this week’s tip, we’re focusing on another important, upcoming date…Election Day! That’s right, Election day is this Tuesday (in 2 days!), and because of this, our tip today encourages you to be willing to engage in conversation with your neighbors around the election.

Now, we get it, elections are a controversial neighboring topic and can sometimes make for difficult conversations with your neighbors who may have different political opinions than you do. There’s no denying this; we even talked about it for an entire episode of our podcast, so if you would like to tune in to that episode, click here. This week, we’re not necessarily asking you to have a conversation with your neighbors about their political beliefs and opinions – though, if you feel comfortable doing so with a neighbor, and also feel confident in being able to do so respectfully and with good boundaries, by all means go for it! Again, the aforementioned podcast episode has some tips around how this might look. This week, we’re simply asking that as you engage in conversations with neighbors over the next couple days, that you simply remind them that Tuesday is Election Day. That’s all there is to it!

This can look as chill as you would like it to. Maybe, in the midst of conversation, you say something like, “…and I can’t believe it’s already November and that Tuesday is Election Day!” Maybe you say something a little more direct, like, “Just wanted to remind you, too, that Tuesday is Election Day! Do you have a plan to vote?” Again, gauge how comfortable you are having this kind of conversation, and go from there. Also, we certainly never want to pressure our neighbors into doing something they are uncomfortable with – voting included – so we encourage you to keep the conversation light and stick to reminding and inquiring rather than persuading. Who knows, they might not yet have heard about the election, or forgotten that it is upon us! If they have not yet voted, and you haven’t either, AND you are both in the same circle of people who have been exposed to one another in the midst of this pandemic, perhaps you can even ride together to an early voting or Election Day voting site! Of course, please only do so if you both are comfortable being exposed to one another, wear masks, etc. We must continue to do everything we can to keep both ourselves, and our neighbors, healthy and safe!

Around this time of year, we at The Neighboring Movement always want to emphasize the importance of voting. Voting is certainly not the only way we encourage people to be civically engaged, but it is definitely one of the ways, and we also argue that voting is an important way of being a good neighbor! Elections (especially these smaller, more local ones) impact our neighborhoods and neighbors in countless ways, and one way that we can advocate for what we wish to see in the world – and on our block – is through voting. So, this week, if you haven’t already, we encourage you to go vote and to remind your neighbors that they can do the same!

Happy voting, and happy neighboring!

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