52 Weeks of Neighboring – Week 39

Neighboring Tip of the Week - Rake a neighbor’s yard.

52 Weeks of Neighboring

Neighboring Tip of the Week – Rake a neighbor’s yard.

Hello neighbors!

In Wichita, the temperatures are dropping a little, but the trees are dropping a lot! We are finally to the point where the leaves are coming down in thick, beautiful sheets, and this has inspired this week’s neighboring tip: Rake a neighbor’s yard.

This tip is simple and easy; all it requires is a little bit of time and a little bit of work! And, in the time of coronavirus, it’s a fantastic outdoor neighboring activity! Perhaps you are already planning to rake your own yard, and if so, you can always just rake your neighbor’s before or after your own. Also, this is a fun tip to surprise your neighbor with, but if you don’t know if they plan to rake their yard or if they want their yard raked, we would suggest first asking your neighbor if you can do so. Your neighbor may plan to rake up their leaves and then use them for compost, so they may not want them thrown away. Or, maybe they plan to leave their leaves in order to help create healthier soil in their yard! So, if you don’t know your neighbor’s plans, we would definitely suggest asking them before just raking their yard.

However this neighboring experiment looks for you, we think it is a sweet gesture, and we hope it creates conversation and fosters relationship with your neighbor.

Happy neighboring!

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