52 Weeks of Neighboring – Week 40

Neighboring Tip of the Week - Brainstorm how you might celebrate Thanksgiving with your neighbors, and then make it happen!

52 Weeks of Neighboring

Neighboring Tip of the Week – Brainstorm how you might celebrate Thanksgiving with your neighbors, and then make it happen!

Hello neighbors!

Wildly, Thanksgiving is next week! So, this week, we are encouraging you to think about how you might celebrate the holiday with your neighbors.

Now, like all of our neighboring tips, there are so many creative ways to experiment with this one. If you plan on hosting a Thanksgiving meal, and you have been in the same circle with a neighbor or two in the midst of the pandemic, invite them to your meal! Now, of course, please only do so if you and your neighbors have agreed to be exposed to one another and feel comfortable with doing so.

If you and your neighbors are not in the same circle, but you live in a place where the weather will still be pretty warm for Thanksgiving, organize an outdoor, physically distanced Thanksgiving meal with your neighbors! While this might be more complicated logistically, you can always treat it like a block party and ask neighbors to each contribute a dish, an extension chord, a fire pit, whatever!

Finally, if these options are difficult due to covid, or simply too complicated, you can always bring your neighbor(s) a Thanksgiving themed dish! Of course, when making the dish, please practice good pandemic hygiene, and when delivering the dish, please do so in a way that allows for physical distancing. As with all food deliveries to your neighbors, we would also encourage you to make sure you have a conversation with the neighbor about the ingredients in the dish, in case they have food sensitivities or allergies.

Perhaps you have a neighbor who lives alone and is unable to celebrate Thanksgiving with family this year due to the pandemic. We would encourage you to bring the dish to them! Whether it’s pie or potatoes, corn or cranberries, your neighbor is sure to love the Thanksgiving gift!

We believe it is possible to both celebrate Thanksgiving with our neighbors and do so safely in the midst of this global coronavirus pandemic. This week, we encourage you to brainstorm how to do so, and then make it happen!

Happy neighboring!

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