52 Weeks of Neighboring – Week 42

Neighboring Tip of the Week - Check in again with your neighbors.

52 Weeks of Neighboring

Neighboring Tip of the Week – Check in again with your neighbors.

Hello friends! We hope you have had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! It’s also just so wild that December 2021 is already upon us….

This week, we return to one of our regular neighboring tips and encourage you to check in with your neighbors. Perhaps you were gone for Thanksgiving, or perhaps your neighbors were…experimenting with this tip is a perfect way to catch up with them and hear about their holiday!

We think checking in with our neighbors regularly is one of the best ways we can neighbor in the midst of this pandemic. Every couple months, we want to give you the opportunity to ask yourself, “Have I checked in with my neighbors recently?”. This week, if your answer is “no”, that’s okay, and now is your opportunity to do so! If your answer is “yes”, that’s awesome, but because so much has changed, and continues to change rapidly, in the midst of this pandemic, we now encourage you to check in with them again!

Checking in with our neighbors, just to see how they are doing and catch up, is a vital part of neighboring. We believe it’s also extremely important in the midst of this pandemic. And the thing is, all it takes is a simple greeting, such as “Hi neighbor!” and a simple check-in question, such as “How are you?”, “How are you feeling?”, “What have you been up to?”, “What’s up?”, or “What’s a crackalackin’?” You get the point. There are tons of ways you can verbally check in with your neighbors! If you have checked in with your neighbors relatively recently, maybe you just say something like, “Hey! I know we talked a little while back, but so much has changed in the world since then. How are you?”. Here are a few ways to check in with your neighbors with physical distancing in mind….

  • Wash your hands and then knock on your neighbor’s door or ring their doorbell and walk a good distance away before engaging in conversation with them.
  • Call your neighbor.
  • Wash your hands and then write your neighbor a card or letter and put it in their mailbox.
  • Wash your hands and then write your neighbor a note and stick it on their door.
  • Write a chalk message to your neighbor on their sidewalk or driveway.
  • Text your neighbor.

These check-ins are so simple and yet so meaningful! Among so much more, they tell our neighbors that we care about them, help us foster relationships with them, and perhaps even help our neighbors remain healthy!

Happy neighboring!

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