The 8 Front Doors Challenge is underway in SoCe!

This is our second week of inviting our neighbors to take the 8 Front Doors Challenge. Last week we knocked on over 400 doors in our neighborhood! We introduced ourselves and challenged residents to get to know their eight closest neighbors. It was exciting to meet new people and to have conversations about their experiences in SoCe as well as about the things they care about. A few people even generously offered to volunteer!

We have a great Listening Team, some of whom already live or work in this neighborhood! They are persevering in the heat this week to continue meeting neighbors and check in with the ones they met last week. Listening Team pairs return from door-knocking bringing stories of amazing and gifted neighbors or of the history of the neighborhood. Some individuals share with us that they feel isolated and would like to get to know their neighbors. We have heard from people who moved in during the last eighteen months and, therefore, did not get to meet anyone. Some people exclaim, “that’s easy! I already know all my neighbors!”

The picture shows our first day with the 8 Front Doors Listening Team getting to know each other by naming their skills and talents. This week a team member shared her gift and showed us how to propagate an arrowhead plant. Next week on of our youth is going to teach us some basic Spanish phrases to use when neighboring. We look forward to learning from each other and from our neighbors over the summer.

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