Become a Block Connector

Our volunteer Block Connectors are the ones really getting the work done! As a Block Connector you will get individual support from the Neighboring staff, be eligible for special offers and prizes, and become the key change maker on your block! 

What does a Block Connector do?

Becoming a Block Connector is a year long commitment to engage the people who live on your block or the equivalent. (about 15 households). You will have three main roles as Block Connector:

  1. Meet Neighbors: We simply want you to learn their names and what they are good at. We'll use the Block Map to help guide this process.  If you're not sure what a Block Map is consider downloading our free resource "Why Neighbor?" before doing the Block Connector Application. 
  2. Block Parties: We'd like each Block Connector to do two block parties in a 12 month window. They don't have to be fancy! Just get the neighbors together for a bit. Read about one of our friends who did a Bubble Party to see what we mean. 
  3. Participate in 52 Weeks of Neighboring: As a Block Connector you will be signed up for our weekly neighboring tip. We'd like you to try two of the tips every month. Check out the tips here to see what they look like. 

Still feel like this is right for you? Let's do it! Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. 

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