Home 2 Bunk House: Part 1

Tonight we tested out Matt and Catherine's home at 1106 in preparation for it's transformation into the SoCe Bunk House.  In only a few days we will launch our first ever immersion group.  We are calling it the Good and Beautiful World.  It is an opportunity for people to peel a layer off of the world they see every day to see beauty that lives just beneath.  The participants will be staying at 1106 while Matt and Catherine stay across the street in 1121, the Barlow-Thompson house.  

This table is filled with great food, friends, and two Canadians.  It was donated by church members from Andover UMC and is big enough to host our group in 1106's new living/dining room.  The table is one of many transformations that 1106 has seen the last few weeks.  We'll show a few more pics next time!

Stay tune for lots of post over the next week as we discover what happens when a group of students and facilitators move into SoCe for a week!