More and More and More Immersion Fun

The Good and Beautiful World immersion is continuing with great success and joy.  Here is the pictures to prove it.

On our first field trip we went to the Envision.  Envision is an incredible organization that has created thriving businesses while improving the quality of life for people who are blind and visually impaired.  They are a major manufacturer of plastic bags and other products and many of their employees are blind or close to it.  Inspiring place!


During Elaine's lessons we processed watching the movie The Mission with Robert De Niro.  From the movie we explored the themes of colonialism and it's impact on our American experience of Church.  Elaine helped us rediscover the co-equal, co-humble, co-communal nature of God.  And of course to truly explore our triune God you must do a circle dance.  The joy of dancing reminded us of the Holy Spirit's ability to fill us with Pentecost power.  It also proved that Matt and Adam should not dance.


After making contact with neighbors earlier in the week we explored possible connection points and then made calls to help people find each other.  From our calls we were able to stimulate small paying gigs for neighbors out of work, social connections for people who are isolated, and potential groupings that could give birth to new businesses, apprenticeships, or more.

We use a giant map and lots of post-it notes to catalog all the assets and interest we discover.  Then we allow our imagination to run wild with the possibilities.  Crucial to ABCD and non-colonial evangelism is that we do not impose our own agenda.  Instead we make connections, experiment, fail, and allow people to choose for themselves what comes next. 

Still to come....

visit to Raise My Head Foundation House.

more mind blowing Elaine Heath time.

Fork-n-Folk neighborhood potluck with music and dancing.

closing worship and anointing.  

And our very first immersion promo video featuring our amazing first students.