Crafting Saturday with SoCe!

From Kristin...

The crafting this past Saturday was hopefully the first of many more crafting times with the neighbors of SoCe. We have discovered that many of the women in the neighborhood have hidden talents for crafts, spanning a wide variety from macrame to quilting to floral arrangements.

The impromptu crafting day came about quite effortlessly as we invited neighbors the day before. In the end there were six women gathered around coffee, crackers, and spools of many different threads. It was a wonderful time to learn together and fail together as we did our best to make knots in a remotely fashionable way.

On Sunday we got word that one of the women had a request from a neighbor to crochet him some purple socks - she commented that although we could possibly do socks in the future, we would have much more luck making him a macrame belt! Needless to say we got the hang of square knots much faster than crochet knots.

It is our hope that we can have more of these times for the women to share their talents and gather together around cups of coffee and plates of crackers.