Professor Food Reviews: New China Buffet

I left the house around 1:10 pm on Saturday, November 5, 2016. Matt’s mom and Matt and Catherine and myself went out to New China Buffet at 47th and Broadway for my 60th birthday. 

Everything was excellent. I can’t remember all the different dishes I tried, but I enjoyed them all. Here are the ones I recall: 3 pieces of sushi, 9 crab rangoons, 2 helpings of General Tso’s chicken, honey chicken, spicy pork with broccoli, 2 egg rolls, banana strawberry Jello salad, 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 helpings of ambrosia salad, peppered beef, sweet and sour chicken, and cucumber slices. For dessert I had a bowl of strawberry ice cream, 4 small pieces of cake, and 2 small cups of strawberry mousse. I did not try the lo mein (although Catherine recommended it highly), stir fry, fish head, or octopus. For those of you who like crab rangoon, I recommend them highly as they are soft and not too crunchy. They seem homemade. I am also a fan of the General Tso’s chicken. The sauce is not too gooey, not too thin - just right. Also the sauce is flavorful, but not too spicy. 


All in all I had 6 heaping plates over the course of 3 and a quarter hours. We had a wonderful time of good food and storytelling. We shared funny SoCe stories with Matt’s mom and shared some of my childhood adventures.
I recommend this establishment highly. It is worth the trip.
Till  my next review
Professor Food AKA Mark Bledsoe

Enjoy what you eat, Enjoy the moment