Join in the Abundance!

Today we are kicking off our first public fundraising campaign.  Our goal is to gain 50 new monthly donors by July 1 and we are offering incentives for those who sign up!

  • All Donors: Our email newsletter and quarterly performance reviews.
  • $10/month: A Brutal Bear song written about you (quality not guaranteed!).
  • $25/month: A free digital download of Brutal Bear's album "Free to Fail" OR the actual CD, if you’re old school! (plus everything above)
  • $50/month: A loaf of Catherine's famous bread. (plus everything above)
  • $100/month: A meal for 5, catered by one of our neighbors. (plus everything above)

The letter below will be sent out to many of our friends, family, and supporters this week.  If you want to join in today go to our donations page or click the button below!