Kristin's Perspective on Her Southwestern College Workshop

I (Kristin) had the privilege of assisting our neighbor Rose in facilitating the potted garden workshop this past weekend! She is a gardening whiz, and we were super excited to utilize her talents here in SoCe.


In preparation for the workshop we brainstormed for a long time about the best way to utilize our neighbors’ skills with plants. Along with Rose we have another neighbor, Hope, who has a background in floral arrangement. We played around with the idea of doing some sort of floral arrangement, but eventually (with many other ideas in-between) we landed on potted gardens. Rose and Hope worked very hard to get us donations and discounts (50% off flowers at one location!), and after a test-run the day before we were workshop ready!

Rose lead the way and not only taught the students how to plant their mini-garden, but also showered them with some of her infinite wisdom about the plant kingdom. The students got to take home a 6x18 planter filled with decorative grass and four flowers! They were all pretty astonished that they, on a service day, were taking home something they had created.

All-in-all it was a very fun workshop, and Rose’s talents truly shone.