Why a Restaurant Review?

In the coming weeks you'll be seeing blogs from Mark, who is our neighbor. As we've gotten to know Mark we've learned that he is very fond of good food. One time, Catherine asked him what his favorite restaurant was, and he said, "what category? Chinese, Mexican, Italian." I learned that over the years, Mark has paid attention to good, local restaurants, and good service. He remembers places he ate at 15 years ago, AND what he ordered. 

But there is more to this...

By having Mark visit restaurants and diners in and near SoCe, we are also hoping to plug local places that you can visit. (We have had friends ask us where they should go to eat in SoCe--now we'll give them Mark's list!) Supporting a local restaurant is great for our local economy and it is a fun way to see SoCe! 

Watch for "Professor Food" in the coming minutes!