Brutal Bear CD "Free to Fail" Available to Purchase or Download!


For those of you who aren’t part of the Facebook sphere, you may have not known that the band, Brutal Bear has a CD for sale and ALL proceeds go to support the work of SoCe Life!

Here’s the link to download or order it.

And here’s the story…

A good friend of ours made a generous donation to pay for the cost of recording a quality CD. There were only 2 stipulations: 1) all the money raised from sales of the CD had to go to SoCe Life and 2) the CD had to include the song “Wind” (track #4 on the CD). And why did our donor make this awesome donation? Because he believes in the coolness of the work of SoCe Life, and he thought a CD might be a great way to spread the word! How awesome is that!!

Other noteworthy info…

The album includes 5 original songs, all written by Brutal Bear. Additional musicians came in and contributed amazing stuff. They were Troy Fischer, Sam Hake, and Mike Marion.

The album was recorded at Digital Boy Studios, under the skilled supervision of Mark Scheltgen.

The artwork for the album was created by Megan Radley--a graphic design major from Friends University! Megan is a wonderful, and very gifted person. You can see her work at: