Professor Food Reviews: Tom's Lotus Garden

My 2nd review...this is for Tom's Lotus Garden. We went on the third night of the immersion so Tana, Daniel, Matt & Catherine and myself all went. 

Tana, Daniel and myself had the General Tso's Chicken, egg drop soup and egg roll. Matt had the Kung Pao chicken and Catherine had the chicken lo mein. I mentioned it was Catherine's birthday and they gave her a free piece of cake! 

I enjoyed the meal and would recommend it highly. Excellent Chinese food within 7 blocks of our street. Excellent decor inside with a Chinese theme. I can't think of any minuses. Can't wait to eat there again. And, for the most part, the fortune cookies were right on the money. 

The address for Tom's Lotus Garden is 822 S. Broadway (2 blocks south of Kellogg on the east side of the street). Hours are: Mon-Wed 11:00-9:00, Thur.-Fri 11:00-10:00, Sat. 10:00-11:00, and Sun. 10:00-10:00.