Free To Fail: We'd like your support!

One of the SoCe Life mottos is “Free to Fail.”  Being free to fail allows us to move with joy into the resurrection of our failure.  With each failure we learn, grow, and pivot towards where the next opportunity is opening up.  

Earlier this spring I set a fundraising goal to have 50 sustaining givers by July 1…...we have 14…..Free to Fail!

Here is the thing about Free to Fail, it doesn’t excuse you from the consequences of those failures.  In this case the consequence is not too overwhelming, it just means I have to keep fundraising. And if you are still reading, you must know where this is going next….

Can I have some money?

I always feel like a teenager when I have to ask that question.  But this time I am not going to blow it on Burger King and video games!  Instead we are raising money for some very specific things.  Through a generous gift most of our salaries have been secured for this year.  Now we are raising money for the fun stuff.

  1. Connections in the Neighborhood: Most of our interviews with our neighbors take 30 minutes to even a full hour.  If you figure that is one hour of work from a SoCe staff person and we always have at least 2 people going together a gift of $25 a month funds about 1 interview a month.  
  2. Good Neighbor Curriculum: Some of the funds will help us create and launch a curriculum for churches.  This 8 week course will push folks out of the doors and into their neighborhoods to practice Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbors.
  3. Interns: We have been amazed at how many young people are interested in our work. Our interns so far have been INCREDIBLE! They are faithful people discerning calls and living that out in SoCe.
  4. Space: Our office space and other operations are minimal compared to most, but bills are bills.  What we’ve learned is that our office space is actually sacred space.  It is a common meeting ground for neighbors and a place to discover the gifts we all bring to our community.

Not only will you help us fund these great initiatives you also will get a prize!  When you give right now here are our incentives.

Whether you can give $10 or $500 your recurring gift can be set once and never thought of again! Plus we will literally sing you a song if you sign up during our current campaign!

  • All Donors: Our email newsletter and quarterly performance reviews.
  • $10 monthly: A Brutal Bear song written about you (quality not guaranteed!).
  • $25 monthly: A free digital download of Brutal Bear's album "Free to Fail" OR the actual CD, if you’re old school!
  • $50 monthly: A loaf of Catherine's famous bread.
  • $100 monthly: A meal for 5, catered by one of our neighbors.