Professor Food Reviews: Monica's Food Truck

Professor Food (aka Mark) stands beside Monica's food truck! 

Professor Food (aka Mark) stands beside Monica's food truck! 

Today I ate an international feast. For breakfast (el desayuno) I had 5 slices of French toast with maple syrup and butter along with scrambled eggs. It was delicious - yes, I am partial to it as I made it!

For lunch we went to Monica’s Food Truck, which is parked at the corner of Seneca and Maple in the parking lot of the Copper Cue. The trip was a field trip for our Spanish class. I devoured a burrito and chile rellenos, Claire had the chile rellenos also, Karen had the enchilada de queso, Nancy had a fajita, Catherine ate tacos con pollo (that’s chicken tacos), Matt ate the tacos al pastor (pork tacos), and Kristin had the steak tacos. Every item was delicioso!

For supper (la cena) I went with Italian shrimp scampi with clam sauce - muy delicioso! But again, I am the one who made that, so I better not complain - ha ha!

The Facebook page for Monica’s Food Truck is here

Til next time I get to write a review… Enjoy what you eat!

PS For an afternoon snack we ate a bite-size candy bar at a meeting with the Wichita Community Foundation. This kept the hunger pains away.