Professor Food Reviews: Las Garzas

¡Hola vecinos de SoCe! Esta es otra critica de comida.
Well, that’s as far as my Spanish goes because we have not learned past tense yet!

We ate at Las Garzas at the corner of Harry and Broadway. I enjoyed the paintings, atmosphere, and food (and the sombrero!). The staff was very informative and remembered that we had met some of them when they came to our garage sale in July. Las Garzas is a small family-owned restaurant that has been in business for 2 years. The sons served us our food while their mother cooked. We tried the enchilada, quesadilla, pork tacos, chicken tacos, and a burrito. The burrito was especially good.
Let’s help Las Garzas stay in business so that we can always enjoy their menu items - I recommend the special drink that Kim and Matt both ordered: orchata. It was very tasty!


Til next time I get to write a review… Enjoy what you eat!
P.S. I didn’t try to dazzle our friends at Las Garzas with my Spanish - English is so much easier.