What Is Social Capital? (Pt.2)

So, here are some practical examples of social capital in action. (Again, from the Harvard Kennedy School)

"When a group of neighbors informally keep an eye on one another's homes, that's social capital in action. When a tightly knit community of Hassidic Jews trade diamonds without having to test each gem for purity, that's social capital in action. Barn-raising on the frontier was social capital in action, and so too are e-mail exchanges among members of a cancer support group. Social capital can be found in friendship networks, neighborhoods, churches, schools, bridge clubs, civic associations, and even bars. The motto in Cheers 'where everybody knows your name' captures one important aspect of social capital." 

That's right, Cheers had high social capital! 

So, I would encourage you to consider where you see strong social capital in your life and where do you see weakened or diminishing social capital in your life? And by investing in relationships with your neighbors you are strengthening social capital!