Reflection Week Reflections pt. 3


Greetings everyone! Just in case you missed the last two blogs, here’s your quick rundown! Since this week is Reflection Week for 52 Weeks of Neighboring, I figure it is only fitting that I reflect on my own neighboring experiments with the weekly tips, as well! I hope these reflections prove honest and maybe even inspiring. I am reflecting on the tips from the last three weeks in October, the third of which was “Find a way to thank a neighbor who is a good neighbor.”

So, for this tip, I was at first planning to deliver our neighbors warm, homemade cookies; freshly roasted coffee; or a nice, big salad. After more thought and a small amount of procrastination, I decided to start with a much simpler option: to deliver a secret thank-you note. I simply wrote “Thank you for being such good neighbors! We love you guys.” on a large post-it note and stuck it on our neighbors’ door. It would be a lie to say I did not enjoy the secrecy of the delivery; I have always loved getting to take part in clandestine (to use a fun word) acts. Unfortunately, I failed miserably in my secrecy. Apparently, my neighbors’ doorbell also functions as a security camera (an object that I have a few new thoughts on, as well, but that’s a story for another day…), and they totally cheated and went back through the day’s recording to find out who stuck the note on their door! Can you believe that? All this being said, I truly enjoyed getting to deliver this note, and I loved the simplicity of the action. I now look ever so forward to delivering one of the previously mentioned homemade options to another neighbor in the next few weeks!