I Hear SoCe is Beautiful This time of Year - Both Inwardly & Outwardly

A Week of Neighboring

I sat down to write a blog about the week, thinking I didn't really have anything to share. However, as I reflected I realized that I have gotten to interact with four neighbors on my block and one SoCe office neighbor. That seems like a good week! And it's only Friday!

On Monday evening, a neighbor family made a huge pot of their special family recipe soup and invited me over for dinner. It was nice to sit down for a warm meal and lots of storytelling around the table. It was also great that these neighbors packed up soup and warm sourdough bread and delivered it to another neighbor who had just had knee surgery. I love my block!

On Wednesday, my neighbor from the end of the block called to tell me a highlight of her day as well as to thank me for the work that SoCe is doing, and to ask when the next Inspiration Night will be. She really looks forward to those gatherings, especially to hearing other peoples' stories and perspectives.

On Thursday afternoon, I got to check in with the neighbor recovering from surgery. She was doing well and asked if I could take her to get her stitches out. Of course, I would love to!

After lunch, I went to work at the SoCe office. I had only been there about an hour when one of the neighbors stopped by to visit. He told the most entertaining and poignant stories from his childhood. I kept wishing I could capture some of his phrases - they would make great quotes. He had Adam and I laughing out loud at his hilarious observations. I was also struck by his compassion for people and his non-judgmental nature. I hope he stops by more often!

On Friday morning, my nextdoor neighbor stopped by to tell me about his week and to let me know that he has the next two days off work and doesn't need a ride. Matt has been gone this week, so I have appreciated knowing that my neighbor is looking out for me and is only a text or call away.

As I look at each of the neighboring interactions from the week, the theme of storytelling stands out to me. I believe that storytelling is a key component of the practice of Celebration. Today I celebrate my neighbors!