Genuine Attention

I love hearing stories of neighbors being neighborly. I find it very encouraging. One such story came to me this week as I was visiting with our Block Connector, Jonathan (not his real name). Jonathan had recently helped his neighbors move from one house to another, and in doing so he saw that they decorated their house using a tiki umbrella on the ceiling and a few sections of bamboo on the walls. A few weeks after getting moved in, the couple came over to Jonathan’s house. As they were visiting the wife was fascinated by a piece of art he had hanging on his wall. It was a weaving of reeds that depicted scenes from a village. Jonathan noticed that she had been studying the piece of art, and when they got ready to leave he told her, “I want you to have that piece of art.” She was surprised and hesitant, but he continued, “It will fit perfectly into the decorations you have in your living room.” With that, she graciously accepted it.

It was a kind exchange. It was not, perhaps, impressive. But it showed genuine attention and a generous heart. Those are some wonderful characteristics of neighboring.