Pastors' Roundtable Luncheon

On Tuesday we gathered together with a group of pastors from the SoCe Neighborhood for lunch and connecting. It was truly wonderful to have these pastors talking about their ministries, the gifts they bring to the table, and the various ways we can share our resources with each other. What stood out most clearly to me was a sense of compassion as well as energy as we came together.  

For us, at SoCe Life, it was also great just to thank these pastors for what they bring to our neighborhood. They are truly a blessing to our community. We hope to have more of these gatherings in the future (perhaps monthly) and we certainly hope to be able to include more and more clergy from the neighborhood. 

P.S. the lunch was also AWESOME because it gave us an excuse to have Catherine make some wonderful lentil kale soup and bread, while Ashley provided lots of great desserts!