Introducing Our New Intern - AJ Cossell

Hey SoCe friends! It’s wonderful to meet you all (virtually). I’m AJ and I’m the newest intern for SoCe Life. I am currently in my final semester at Friends University and am all set to graduate in May with majors in Health Management and Christian Spiritual Formation. As chapters in my life are coming to a close (an undergrad degree and four years as a college athlete), I’m looking forward to lots of new beginnings - one of which is my time with SoCe!

I learned about the SoCe Life organization a couple of years ago and since then I have been incredibly interested in and encouraged by their work in the community. I love the SoCe Life way of making relationships in unexpected places. In a world where security, privacy, and isolation trumps befriending strangers, I think we could use a whole lot more neighboring.

Throughout the course of my internship I’m excited to see lots of new things: the inner workings of a non-profit organization, what my mission field as a Health Professional could look like, and the beautiful effects that community can have on a neighborhood. Can’t wait to get started!