A Reason to Walk

Last Thursday night was a balmy spring evening, AND it was the 2nd gathering of the SoCe Folk Music Society. We were getting together at the Legacy House, which is just a few blocks from my house. So, I decided to walk, and I am so glad I did because it gave me a chance to experience some of my neighborhood’s awesome-ness! 

First, as I walked through my front yard, one neighbor stopped me to tell me that neighbors at the other end of our block had just had a baby. Not only was he telling me the good news, but he was also wondering if we could all sign a card to say “Congrats!” That is a great neighboring moment. 

Second, I rounded the corner and started down the side street. Near the next corner I was greeted by another neighbor and his granddaughter, who looked to be about 6 years old. When she saw me (with guitar in hand) she jumped in front of me with both hands up. With a joyous smile she asked, “What’s your name?” “Matt” I replied, then I asked her’s. Then she turned my attention to the tree above us and explained that the tree did not have flowers on it, it had blossoms (and truly it was bursting with blossoms). “You should take one of these branches of blossoms and give it to your mom.” she told me emphatically! I explained that my mom lived too far away, but I would share a branch with someone. With that, I was given a branch of blossoms. As I walked away she patted my guitar case with her hand and said, “Rock on, Matt!” --that made me laugh all the way around the corner. 

Half way down the next block, another neighbor I know was outside playing fetch with her dog. I started to cross the street to say “hi,” but she told me to stop because she had been sick and didn’t want me to catch her illness. I complied. So from across the street we talked about her recent illness. She was glad to be outside and hoping to feel better soon. I was thankful for the update. 

I walked on to the Legacy House where I was warmly greeted by a few other musicians, and plenty of good music followed. It was a great end to a great day! 

On evenings like that, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am thankful to live in a neighborhood where I can have these types of conversations, where I can know my neighbors, and where I have a reason to go for a walk (with my guitar)!