March Inspiration Night

At Inspiration Night last week, we shared a potluck meal and our highs and lows from life. It was great to reconnect with our friends and neighbors and hear how they are doing. Our reflection topic for the evening was: What do you think of when you think of HOME? We had the option to depict home with play dough or by drawing on a dry erase board - as you can see in the collage below.

Reflections from the evening: when I think of home, I think of…

  • Family
  • My block – I wouldn’t live anywhere else
  • My bed (a comforting place for a college student living away from home)
  • The neighborhood where I grew up and my parents still live
  • Trees, mountains, snow (not a native-Kansan)
  • My golden retriever dog – always so glad to see me and loving me no matter what