Don't Lose Heart

If you look over our blog and Facebook posts you’ll see a lot of successes, high points, and feel-good-moments. Those moments are all real, but of course, they aren’t the whole story. We make mistakes, we fail, we flop, we flub. 

Case in point, I was recently talking to one of my neighbors who is older, but in good health. He was showing me a home project he was working on, then he said, “where were you this weekend?” I had to think for a minute because I’ve been out of town some, then I remembered I was home all weekend, but I was locked away in my study getting caught up on work. So, that’s what I told him. He continued, “I was really sick this weekend, starting on Friday evening and stretching through Sunday, but no one checked on me.” He wasn’t accusing or angry, but matter-of-fact about it. 

I felt bad about it. I had been at home, but because I was inside the whole time I had no idea if he was out and about like he normally is. I apologized and we talked more about how he was feeling now. And then I encouraged him to call me if something like that happens again. 

Here is what I would emphasize: don’t be disheartened by a failure.

Here is what I would emphasize: don’t be disheartened by a failure. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned as we’ve been building relationships with our neighbors is that it is understandable that we will make mistakes (like not checking in on a neighbor). We need to acknowledge these mistakes, learn from them, and move forward. We can’t be paralyzed by our failures in the past or fears of the future. Only by attempting, and sometimes failing, do we build relationships with our neighbors