52 Weeks of Neighboring - 5/7

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Tip of the Week – Send a thank-you card to the neighbor you borrowed something from last month.

If you can jog your memory back to last month, you’ll remember we gave a neighboring tip to borrow something from a neighbor. This week, you have the chance to follow up on that tip.

If you did borrow something last month, take the time to handwrite a thank-you note. In our fast-paced society, thank-you notes (or any note for that matter) seem to be a thing of the past. We tend to settle for thank-you texts. A handwritten thank you note is a great gesture for a couple of reasons:

  • A thank-you note shows your gratitude. It takes time and intentionality to handwrite a personal note. Giving one to your neighbor who recently let you borrow something shows them that you are genuinely thankful for their act of generosity and willingness to lend to a neighbor.
  • A thank-you note helps establish a personal connection. Make sure to address your note to the specific person (or family) you borrowed something from. Remembering and using someone’s name is a foundation of building a friendship. Your note is also a great way to let your neighbor know you’re willing to help the next time they need a hand with something. Be sure to include your name phone number and address. Hopefully, your neighbor will feel comfortable reaching out if they need help.

If you’re just joining the neighboring movement or you didn’t have the chance or the need to borrow something last month, here’s another idea: Find something you really appreciate in one of your neighbors, like their beautiful yard or their friendliness as they walk their dog through the neighborhood, and write a note thanking them for that action. Let them know you appreciate them being a part of your neighborhood and sign your name and address. Boom! Another personal connection established.

Get out your favorite pen and try one (or both) of these neighboring experiments. And as always, let us know how it goes—we love learning from you!

Happy neighboring!