Summer Garden Box Intern

Welcome to our new summer intern, Katie Westbrook! Katie is helping us with garden box follow-up. Last week she met with one of our neighbors and learned how to make a hollyhock doll!

My name is Katie, but my friends call me Kat, so call me Kat! I'm from central Phoenix, Arizona and I love the heat. I'm a senior at Greenville University in Illinois, studying Philosophy & Religion there, with intentions of overseas study and ministry. After graduation I will be continuing my academia in pursuit of becoming a Doula. I love the desert and its breathtaking landscape, and don't forget the heat! 

      This summer I am honored with interning under Pastor Linda Green of RiverCrest Free Methodist Church in downtown Wichita. Because of her unique ministry and my unusual interest I am also interning for SoCe, OpenDoor, and Legacy Garden Works! Linda is co pastor at RiverCrest but also head of a program called Refuge that supplies purses full of hygienic products to women coming out of prison, homelessness, and/or addiction. All of these internships are a blessing to me. And Wichita is super amazing too!