The Embarrassing Introduction

I have had the opportunity to hear Matt preach about Neighboring at several churches over the last few months. He usually includes a comment about how neighboring can feel awkward, and even embarrassing, when you find yourself knocking on the door of a longtime neighbor and admitting that you do not know their name. 

I was able to practice this awkward embarrassment while neighboring in the context of my workplace. I work at the Old Town Farmers' Market and there is a wonderful vendor whom I see every Saturday and yet I do not know her name. When I saw her at the Walnut Valley Festival, I decided it was time to try out the awkward introduction that Matt includes in his sermons. So, I went up to the vendor and began, "I am so sorry! I see you every Saturday and yet I am embarrassed that I don't know your name!" She exclaimed, "I am sorry too! I don't know your name either. I can't believe I see you every week and yet I don't know your name!" So, we introduced ourselves and even learned how to spell each other's names so we would have a better chance of remembering them.