Hidden Tithes


Over the past three months in our neighborhood, I have noticed that people offer hidden tithes to the community.

What do I mean by hidden tithes? I mean they do something good for their neighbors when no one is looking. They are offering a gift to the community, but they do not put their name on it and proclaim loudly what they did.

I saw my next door neighbor take in the trash bins of another neighbor one morning.

Another neighbor was out trimming the trees in front of a church he does not go to. I only know this because he goes to the same place as myself and he asked me not to tell anyone who did it.

A third neighbor mows the lawn of an elderly neighbor who can’t do it on her own. She isn’t sure who does it, but it always gets cut when it gets too high.

As I walked to work today, I overheard the neighbor next door to our office say to his friend that someone knocked over our little free library during the night, so he came over and set it up right

Neighbors tithe to their community all the time, we just do not know about it.

So, to all who offer unseen and hidden tithes to our neighborhood, we give thanks to you for your willingness to embrace abundance, for the unexpected delight you bring to others when you help them, and for sharing your time and gifts to make our community a place of joy.