Jim's Furniture


Earlier this week, I had a chance to stop by Jim’s Furniture. I had been intrigued for a while by their slogan - “IF YOU ARE NOT BUYING YOUR FURNITURE FROM US YOU ARE PAYING TOO MUCH!” - whenever I drove by their store. So, I decided to check it out.

It is totally worth your time to go check this place out. Yes, they do have quite good deals on brand new furniture, which is cool. But it is not nearly as cool as the building. This building is one of those buildings you walk into and think, “what in the heck was this place before it held all of this furniture?” There are all these fun side rooms and a maze-like upstairs. You could easily get lost in there, and that is half the fun! It’s almost like one of those fun book stores you walk into in an old building, expect there is furniture everywhere.

Second, the owners are super sweet and super invested in the community. The Maybrier’s have been selling furniture in SoCe for over 62 years! They have been at their current building for over 45 years. Also, their son owns Harry Street Carpet and their grandson runs the day to day operations.

So, head on over to Jim’s Furniture, enjoy their fun building and while your at it, ask them some questions. Great stories and great folks! All neighborhoods need good local businesses like these folks run.