Neighboring "Super" Powers

I love superhero movies. I grew up watching Spider-man and The Incredible Hulk. Even today I’m a sucker for a movie with superheroes battling aliens or saving the galaxy.

Ironically, neighboring would not make for a very interesting super-power. It is too mundane, too subtle, too doable. Imagine a super-hero named Captain Neighbor. Her powers would include borrowing tools from her neighbors, going for walks to pick up trash, or inviting neighbors over for S’mores. If she was in a movie, the climactic scene would come when everyone sat in her front yard joyfully snacking on treats.

But here is why Captain Neighbor is an ironic idea: those mundane acts of neighboring (borrowing, walking, inviting, etc.) are more likely to impact our world than the heroic actions we often talk about. And, neighboring is something we can all do.

What’s your neighboring super-power?