Shelter from the Snow

The last remnants of Sunday’s snow in SoCe.

The last remnants of Sunday’s snow in SoCe.

The joyful results of neighboring show up in unexpected ways sometimes.

As some of you know, parts of Kansas got hit with a lot of snow and wind on Sunday. In SoCe, it was snowing and blowing (50 mph winds) but the snow was melting on the ground. So, Catherine and I decided to walk the six blocks from our house to one of the neighborhood churches for worship. As we turned the corner by the church we were surprised that there were no cars. But before either of us could say anything our neighbor Larry was opening his front door to let us know church had been cancelled because of the weather. Then he continued, “but you might as well come on in and warm up before you head home!” We took him up on the offer and were welcomed by his wife, their dog and 2 friends of theirs who were visiting.

We sat in the living room sharing stories and laughing. Once we were warmed up we began the short trek back home. As we walked Catherine exclaimed, “I love it that that just happened! We just walked across our neighborhood and were welcomed into a friend’s house. How cool is that!?” Cool indeed!

To be connected through neighboring is a wonderful gift. It is a gift that is given at unexpected moments.