52 Weeks of Neighboring - Week 44

Neighboring Tip of the Week - Reflect on the neighboring experiments you’ve attempted during the last three months. Journal your thoughts or share them in a conversation with a friend.

We reflect because if we only do something once and never think about it again, it is less likely to stick. By reflecting on our neighboring experiences, we not only have a better chance of doing them again but also have a chance to explore why some of them failed. As we look at what worked and what didn’t, keeping in mind that we are free to fail, we will also have a chance to learn more about ourselves!

Step 1: Look back over the neighboring tips:

Week 28 - Attend a meeting for one of your community organizations, and meet someone new.

Week 29 - Host a fall block party.

Week 30 - Read a book in your front yard. Or, if you see a neighbor working on a project outside, go visit with them, and offer to help.

Week 32 - Introduce yourself to someone on your block you have not met yet. 

Week 33 - Have a picnic in a neighborhood park.

Week 34 - Join Nextdoor.com, or check out your neighborhood’s Facebook page.

Week 35 - Send a Trick or Treat invitation to the parents on your street.

Week 36 - Meet your trash collector - offer them a cup of coffee.

Week 37 - Find a way to thank a neighbor who is a good neighbor.

Week 38 - Invite a neighbor to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Week 41 - Visit with your mail carrier - offer them a word of thanks and maybe learn something about them.

Week 42 - Host a Christmas Cookie Party.

Week 43 - Ask a neighbor you trust to watch over your house while you are away.

Step Two: Reflect

  • What neighboring experiment was your favorite and why?

  • Was there one practice at which you really failed? Even if you just failed to attempt the practice, that counts. What might that failure teach you about yourself?

  • As you look over the list, are there one or two tips that would be beneficial to try again now that you may be more comfortable with your neighbors?

Happy reflecting!