When You are Missed

I have been traveling a whole lot this past month.

“How much,” you may ask?

More than I would have liked. I have been away from my house in SoCe more days than I have been there.

“Too much” is the correct answer. I missed my neighbors. I missed my home. I missed my bed. I missed this place while I was gone. But, I was not expecting people to miss me…

About a week and a half into being gone, I saw there was a voice message on my phone.
”Hey Ryan, just wanted to call and make sure everything was all right, we weren’t sure how long you were going to be gone. Give me a call when you get a chance.”

When I was back for a few days in between things, I ran into another neighbor outside.
”Hey Ryan, where have you been lately? We’ve missed seeing you and Barnaby walking down the street.”


When I returned home yesterday a neighbor stopped by.
”Hey, here are some Christmas cookies for you. I meant to bring them by earlier, but I was gone and then you were gone. Merry Christmas.”

Today, another neighbor stopped by to ask if I had eggs. “It’s good to see you, Ryan.”

I did not expect this kind of care. I have only lived on the street for five months. Yet, to know that I was missed by my neighbors while I was gone… what a gift to receive. Perhaps the greatest gift I received over the holidays.

True relationships are always a two way ordeal, and I feel privileged to have neighbors who care enough to miss me while I am gone. I am grateful for them.