52 Weeks of Neighboring - 2/18

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Neighboring Tip of the Week - Welcome to the next chapter of 52 Weeks of Neighboring! As we transition into this next chapter, here is some information we would like to share…

As a little sneak peek at the next year of neighboring tips, here is a taste of what we have in store:

·      We plan to bring back some hits (those that topped the 2017 neighboring tip charts)

·      We plan to introduce some audio and visual material (these are being formulated)

·      We plan to introduce some new neighboring strategies (of course!)

In terms of our intentions, here is what we would ask of you:

1.     Read each tip

2.     If any individual tip stands out to you, or grabs your attention in any particular way, do it!         

Why do we ask this?

Neighboring is a seemingly slow transformation, but transformation is happening! Even if you are only to experiment with one of these tips throughout the upcoming year, this will be awesome! We recognize that 52 weeks of tips is a lot of tips, and this is why we do not ask you to do all of them. Instead, experiment with any you would like! They are here to strike chords with any chords that are to be struck. As we always say, neighboring moves at the speed of trust. This may be a concept that seems very contrary to our human nature, or to our culture that tells us that everything has to be instantaneous, but over time, the transformation of neighboring will act like compound interest. Relationships are fostered, trust is fostered, community is fostered, and all the while, these are compounded and compounded and compounded. And here’s the thing: Neighboring is an investment that always yields returns, and these returns are not just for you but for everyone.

Happy neighboring!