Good Neighbor Experiment in Corsicana, Texas

A week ago, Matt and I traveled to Corsicana, TX to meet with several groups wanting to implement intentional neighboring in their community. We invited these folks into the Good Neighbor Experiment. For us it was energizing to hear the stories of the good things these groups are already doing - things like a reading program in the elementary schools, gathering people's stories, and hosting community meals.

At the beginning of the workshop, we asked participants to interview each other and then introduce their partner to the group. Those introductions were a great snapshot of the giftedness in that community. Even people who thought they already knew each other well discovered skills and talents in each other. What a gifted group! Just imagine the gifts and assets they will discover in their neighbors!

Catherine describing the ingredients of Neighboring Soup

Catherine describing the ingredients of Neighboring Soup

We will return to Corsicana three more times over the next year to continue experimenting with neighboring, sharing resources, and encouraging each other.