SoCe Life in the News: Two Wichita Eagle Appearances!

Last week was a blur of local media attention for our work! It began with a Wichita Eagle cover story by reporter, Katherine Burgess. Burgess sat down with us the week before at our office to ask about how we were implementing Asset-Based Community Development. She seemed to already have a good understanding of our work and quickly gained our trust. She and photographer, Bo Rader, returned on a very icy day to interview our wonderful neighbor, Susan. We had no idea these interviews would be woven together to create a front page story!

It was hilarious when I went into the SoCe Walgreens on Tuesday morning to buy a paper. I was expecting to have to flip through the entire paper to find a short article about our work. I told Matt, who was waiting in the car, that I would probably take about 5 minutes. However, I walked over to the newspaper stand, saw the front cover of the paper, and exclaimed, "We're on the front page!" I quickly turned around to see who might have heard me. The cashier was smiling. I took the last 2 papers up to the cash register. "Look, it's me! See, I'm even wearing the same shirt today!" The cashier laughed. Click HERE to read the article and view the video.

On Thursday,  the Eagle's community engagement editor wrote a blog about SoCe. Click HERE to read Kirk Seminoff's blog. The last sentence is pretty funny!