52 Weeks of Neighboring - 6/10


Tip of the Week – Share produce or flowers from your garden.

As summer hits full steam, gardens can reach their pinnacle of production. Whether you grow produce or flowers, consider using your abundance as an opportunity to neighbor. Clip whatever you have extra of -cucumbers, coriander, or catmint - and head to a neighbor’s house! Be ready for your neighbor to return the favor and offer something to share with you.

When we share out of our own abundance, it opens a space for kindness and trust to be established – two neighboring essentials.

Most of our garden is in the front yard and nightly watering gives me an excuse to be outside every day. Most nights I've been able to connect with other neighbors out walking, watering, or coming and going at the end of the day. Be strategic about where you plant and you'll be able to grow neighborly relationships along with your favorite veggie or flowers!

Happy Neighboring!