Tom Sawyer Bicycle Shop


This past week I scheduled some time to go check out some local businesses in SoCe with hopes of meeting some of the local business owners. I figured since I was on my bicycle, I would go check out SoCe’s own local bicycle shop, Tom Sawyer Bicycle Shop. When I walked in I was greeted by the owner of the shop. His name is Alan, not Tom Sawyer.

With my interested peaked, I immediately asked him why the shop was called Tom Sawyer and not Alan’s Bike Shop. He told me that the original owners of the shop were Tom and Louise Sawyer, who started the shop in the 1970’s. He had worked with them for sometime as a bike mechanic when they sold it to him in the 90’s.

I had expected him to tell me a story related to the fictional character of Tom Sawyer, but this was even better. This business was a local business in the truest sense. It had true, long term roots in the neighborhood.

It was fascinating to hear from Alan how the neighborhood had changed and how it had not changed over his years at the shop. His philosophy is about working with what is there in the neighborhood. He does not sell high end bicycle stuff, because the community does not reflect that. He gets products and bikes that work for the community he is in, a true rarity.

After talking with Alan for around thirty minutes and spending some time looking at his bicycles and bicycle parts, I can tell he is running an honest and good business. I would know if he was not, I have been to a lot of bicycle shops over the years and had my fixed gear bicycle serviced at many of them. This is a good one folks! Good ones have a good welcoming feel, they never try to sell you anything, and are always willing to talk. Plus those are the ones that seem to know what they are doing.

So when you get a chance go check out Tom Sawyer Bicycle Shop, whether you need a tune up on your bike sitting in your garage or actually need a ride. Alan will hook you up and you will be supporting a local SoCe business!